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Leather Care Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart of Different Leather Finishes

 Protected  Protected &  Pure    
Leather Features  Leather  Semi-Aniline  Aniline  Nubuck  Bycast*
Family friendly,
 small children & pets
Relatively inexpensive  VS  VS  NS  NS  VS
Easy to Clean  VS  VS  NS  NS  VS
Easy to Repair   VS  VS  NS  NS  MS/NS
Top quality leather  NS  MS  VS  VS  NS
Buttery soft "natural
"Suede" like or dull finish   NS  NS  NS  VS NS
Shiny "modern" look  NS  NS  NS  NS VS

Note: Leather that has more than one color is more difficult and therefore more expensive to repair. Some multicolors are impossible to re-dye exactly.

*Bycast (bicast, bi-cast)  is a leather and synthetic combination. The quality varies tremendously and a lot of it is very poor quality, so it is wise to only buy bycast from highly reputable stores that guarantee the quality.

VS - Very Suitable      MS Moderately Suitable     NS - Not Suitable

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