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Auto Restoration

Steering Wheel


Has your Steering Wheel become faded over time? We can fix that!

Auto Interior


Is the interior of your car looking rough? Call us today for amazing leather and vinyl detail work!

Car Seat Specialists


Whether your car seat has cracking, dye transfer, cigarette burns or is just faded, we can restore it!

Auto Interiors

 Is your auto upholstery beginning to look a little worn? Is your resale value plummeting? In this economy, keeping your car longer makes great economic sense. But driving  in a car with a damaged and fading interior is depressing.

Perhaps you have leather car seats that are cracking. This needs to be attended to quickly before the rips, which 

come next, start.
​Do you have a hole on the driver's seat where you rub the leather or vinyl getting in and out of your car? Have indelible pens or markers stained your seats or have pets or packages scratched or marked them? Perhaps your car seats just need a deep, cleaning.

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